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Established in 1997, Kemya Enterprises’ prime objective and the vision of its Managing Director Kamran Kavian, was to inspire a quality culture within the Middle East’s industry and infrastructure. This was driven by the need for systems engineering together with quality products and advanced project management concept, to deliver sustainable results.

Today as a very knowledgable service company with a vast resume we add value and are able to meet the varied requirements of industrial, infrastructure and environmental projects, through forming workable partnerships between local and leading international companies, ensuring the expertise in each key area essential to project fulfillment.
Whether engineering, procurement, management, integration or implementation, initiation and facilitation is our proficiency.

Our approach is based on increasing efficiency, sustainability and our services adding value to your needs.

Kemya Enterprises’ head office is located in the prestigious Diera district of Dubai U.A.E. with a global reach.

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