Kemya Enterprises Oil & Gas business unit is able to meet the specialized requirements of companies involved in major Oil, Gas and Petrochemical developments; delivering quality products alongside project-bespoke services, thereby ensuring full satisfaction to both project owner and customer.

Based on the specific requirements of a project, and in order to provide the full range of expertise, equipment and services; we build teams of experienced suppliers/contractors, design and engineering companies, bankers, financers and lawyers to meet the needs.


Kemya Enterprises’ Oil & Gas division has been involved in the procurement, installation, training, commissioning and provision of warranty services to the following applications within the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical sectors:

Oil Refineries

In consideration of the current level of refining capacity and the current drive to substantially increase it, Kemya Enterprises is well placed, having a reputation as a trusted supplier of specialized products and equipment to Middle Eastern refineries.

Petrochemical Plants

In line with the Middle East’s recent year’s boost in the petrochemical sector, Kemya Enterprises has demonstrated its strong capabilities thus establishing itself in this rapidly growing industry.

Our Products

Kemya Enterprises can provide a wide range of high technology equipment for the following applications:

  • Kemya Enterprises is positioned as one of the most innovative and reliable providers of piping in integrating new standards and technologies as they emerge. The piping is an essential part of all plants used to convey steam, water, gas, refrigerant, etc. The piping must be of sufficient size and strength to handle the service for which it is required. It must be installed with the necessary valves and fittings and with provision for expansion and contraction, drainage, support, and insulation. The corrosive effects of the liquid or gas must also be considered.

    Line pipes, casing pipes and boiler pipes, seamless pipes and welded pipes: ERW, SAW, EFW, HF, FM.

    Heat exchanger tubes, condenser tubes, boiler and heater tubes, seamless tubes and welded tubes: ERW, SAW, etc.
    Assembly Tube Bundles, U Tubes, Finned Tubes for Air-Cooling System
    Seamless tubes and welded tubes: ERW, SAW, etc.

  • Flanges
    Blind, socket welding, slip-on welding, lap joint, screwed and welding neck type.

    Large Diameter Flanges
    Welding neck, slip-on welding, and socket welding.

    Butt Weld Pipe Fittings
    Seamless and welded: LR or SR 45° and 90° elbows, LR or SR 180° return bends, hot induction bends, cold bends, equal tees, caps, reducing tees, concentric and eccentric reducers.

    Forged Fittings
    Threaded and socket-weld fittings: elbows, tees, caps, hex. head plugs, crosses, straight couplings, half couplings, reducing couplings, hex. shoulder nipples, reducing hex, straight nipples, sewage nipples, M/F reducing bushings, street elbows, unions.

  • Different types of Asbestos free metal, EMI, weave line and textile gaskets for the refineries, petrochemical, oil and gas plants. Also all types of compression, packing, and seals. Thermal, acoustic and fire insulating products for industrial and marine applications.

  • Cold rolled, Hot rolled, hot dip galvanized plates, sheets and round, flat and hexagonal bars.

  • A valve is a vital part of a good operation within all industrial installations. Ball, Globe, Check, Gate, Plug and butterfly valves, motorized and manual, supplied in different sizes, configurations and pressures according to international standards including API, ANSI, ASME, BSI, DIN, GHOST, etc

  • Regarding supplying Corrosion Resistance Alloy for Liner and Tubing with high percentage of Chrome content and other material for Oil and Gas wells (OCTG & CRA Liner) in all sizes and with different chemical analysis, this Company is among of first class Chinese suppliers which has a very strong resume in exporting to European countries and United States of America, and has expanded its activities during last few years. As below you may find the list of its products.

    Scope Size
    CS & SLS SMLS Pipe 1/8″ – 48″
    CS & SLS SAW Pipes (ERW, EFW, HF, FM) 1/8″ – 48″
    API Tubing (API spec 5CT)
    H40,J55, L80, N80 Type1.Q, C90, T95, P110
    2 3/8″ – 7″
    API Casing (API spec 5CT)
    Grades: H40, J55, K55, L80, C95, N80 type 1.Q, C90, T95, P110, Q125
    7″- 20″
    Drill Pipe (API Spec 5D & 7)
    Grades: E-75, X95, G-105, S135
    2 3/8″ – 6 5/8″
  • [More information coming soon]

  • Storage Tanks Equipment
    Together with our partners in the field of storage tanks accessories, we are able to provide our clients with storage tanks suitable for all types of products where safety is paramount. We provide quality design, manufacture and field Service to the above ground Oil Storage Tank Industry.

    Tank Accessories
    Pressure & vacuum relief valves, flame arrestors, emergency vent, level gauges transmitters, gauge hatches, tank mixing educators, jet mixer and tank suction heater.

    Aluminum Geodesic Dome Roof
    The Heavy Duty Geodesic Dome Roof is the result of 25 years of manufacturing experience in tankequipment by our partner. Our aim is to provide a dome to the oil industry that is extremely durable and overcomes many design problems that exist in other well-known brand domes. These days when the concern is “Whole of Life Cost”, we believe our partner’s quality engineered Geo-desic Dome Roof offers tank owners the best possible value for money.

    Kemya Enterprises provides seals using a variety of elastomer with metal parts galvanized or stainless steel. Additionally, rigid tip primary wiper and secondary wiper seals are available. Primary pantograph shoe seals, together with secondary roller seals are the best combination for at least 20 years of services in the storage tanks.

    Drain Systems
    Floating roof drain systems are custom designed and engineered to suit your tank. Drain joints are designed for long life maintenance free service. Multiple drains for large tanks can easily be installed.

    Aluminum Internal Floating Roofs
    High section modulus main I- beam and sheeting clamp channel sturdy extruded rim, providing excellent support for the IFR shoe seal large diameter, high strength support legs at the rim and centre deck. All centre deck legs are connected to the IFR frame, not to pontoon ends. This eliminates the possibility of pontoon end cracking due to IFR flexing in normal service.

    Specialized Floating Suction Lines & Skimmers
    A wide range of suction lines and skimmers can be custom designed to suit every application. Swing Master’s central type swing joints are the ideal choice for floating suction lines.

    Swing Master Joint
    Constructed in cast iron with plain Ni-Resist plain bearings (copper free), Swing master joints are internally & externally epoxy painted for Jet A1 service. All flanges are ANSI 150lb. flat face.

  • Rotating equipment such as pumps, compressors, and turbines arethe heart of an industrial plant, so quality and reliability are essential. Kemya Enterprises offers a wide array of technological and tailor-made options to meet the most challenging requirements.

    Kemya Enterprises provides pumps appropriate all areas of Oil & Gas, Water, Desalination and Power Generation. These Pumps are used in industrial and marine applications, the oil and gas industry and water fields. Centrifugal pumps are used for high pressure multistage, Vertical pumps, mixed or axial flow, single or multistage; Horizontal pumps with divided casing; single stage, double suction; single stage end-top type.

    Kemya Enterprises offers the complete range of centrifugal compressors for all major compression applications. They are used in oil & gas production, gas transportation, refinery and petrochemical industries, fuel gas boosting and other similar processes.

    Kemya Enterprises provide Steam & Gas turbines that have earned a reputation as the most modern, reliable and versatile drivers in the industry. Combining engineering expertise, robust designs and precision manufacturing. The units can be built to API standards and can be customized to meet exacting customer specifications or other industry standards. Our partners design and manufacture a complete line of steam & gas turbines for mechanical and generator drive applications and for all major services.

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