In the recent years, Kemya Enterprises have participated in many infrastructure projects in the energy and water sectors. We have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in “Facilitation and Coordination” of projects, from design to implementation.

Kemya Enterprises was the first to establish ecological rehabilitation projects for two great and historical rivers of the region Karun and Dez, which together spans over 1,300 Km. This has led the way for similar approaches to other river systems.

The use of monitoring technologies has allowed us to parameterise the extent of damage caused by human effect, paving the way for rehabilitation. The first step is to identify the problem.

Engineering Solutions

Kemya Enterprises have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in facilitation and coordination of projects, from design to implementation and have managed many infrastructure projects in the energy and water sectors in collaboration with our local and international partners.

Kemya Enterprises have been involved in the initiation, coordination and completion of projects and comprehensive studies in the areas of:

  • Hydro Electric Power Plants.
  • Dams and Hydro Mechanical Equipment.
  • Hydraulics and Electronics in Civil Engineering Projects.
  • Environmental Monitoring Systems.
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination Plants.
  • The Mining industry.
  • System Engineering, Consultancy and Project Management

Our Partners


Greenspan is a recognized global provider of innovative, integrated environmental monitoring systems and consulting solutions.

A proven track record in providing turnkey solutions for International Funding Agencies, Government Utilities, Power Authorities, Irrigation Groups and Mining Companies is a testament to Greenspan quality and commitment.

Greenspan is a part of TYCO Integrated Systems with registered offices throughout Australia, South East Asia and Canada and have ready access to TYCO representatives across more than 100 countries.

Scott Wilson

Scott Wilson is one of the world’s leading engineering and environmental consultants, offering professional planning, engineering and architectural design, environmental, construction and program and construction management services throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland, Continental Europe, India, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia/Pacific regions.

In 2010, Scott Wilson Group joined with “URS Global Operations” to enhance resources and capabilities in key infrastructure markets.

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